Agricultural Values Assessment, an online tool to boost agricultural production

The Agricultural Values Assessment online tool has been developed by the Queensland Government to generate informative and useful reports for potential investors in agricultural areas they are most interested in.

Image credit: wikimedia commons By: GeographBot
Image credit: wikimedia commons By: GeographBot

According to the media release by Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry John McVeigh, the tool provides customised maps of agricultural land classifications, important agricultural areas and infrastructure.

“The Queensland Government completed the state-wide Land Audit in May last year which identified land that is important to current and future agricultural production. We have now developed the Agricultural Values Assessment online tool to cut through about 800 pages of information and generate simple, informative reports for an area of interest selected by a potential investor,” the Minister said.

“This tool will be useful for agri-business investors looking to invest in agriculture in a particular region or for farmers looking to expand their businesses. It will be essential in assisting investors with due diligence assessments and decision making. A cane farmer in Mackay could use the tool to help make decisions about an area’s suitability for higher value break crops, or to identify regional planning interests that apply to their land.”

Potential investors can get the information they require free of charge simply by completing a short request form on the department website.

“The user is emailed their customised report in less than an hour after the request is submitted online, providing up-to-the-minute information,” said Mr McVeigh, adding that the assessment reports also provided information relating to other opportunities and constraints within the specified assessment areas.

“Requested reports will cover an assessment area based on a 25 kilometre radius from a central coordinate specified by the user. The user can then see the different types of agricultural land uses that this assessment area is currently used for, as well as what it might be potentially suitable for.”

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