Surat Basin water release to boost agriculture and local industry

The Newman Government continues to support Queensland agriculture with the announcement that 785 mega litres of unallocated water reserves will be made available to boost agriculture and bring forth numerous benefits for the local industry in the Surat Basin.

Image credit: flickr User: Osvaldo Eaf
Image credit: flickr User: Osvaldo Eaf

According to the media statement by the Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Andrew Cripps, issued last Friday, eleven successful tenderers would share the water in the Surat, Surat East and Surat North management areas of the Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Plan area.

“This release of available water will support rural industries including feedlots, poultry farms and hard rock quarries in the Surat Basin. It delivers on the Newman Government’s commitment to support and grow agriculture as one of Queensland’s four economic pillars. It also strikes the right balance between economic development and the responsible and sustainable management of our water resources,” the Minister said.

“AgForce strongly supports the Queensland Government in its efforts to make unallocated water reserves available to assist further expansion of agriculture and its value chain in Queensland. Such development depends on having secure, reliable and sustainable supplies of water. The Government’s water resource planning and allocation process ensures that these releases are environmentally sound, do not impact on existing water users and can deliver an economic boost for rural communities looking to manage the ongoing impacts of drought,” said AgForce General President Ian Burnett.

The 785 mega litres in water reserves being released under licence include:

–          Surat Management area– 3 successful tenderers totalling 200 mega litres;

–          Surat East Management area– 5 successful tenderers totalling 505 mega litres;

–          Surat North Management area– 3 successful tenderers totalling 80 mega litres.

For more information about water resource planning in the Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Plan area, go to

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