Cohiba issues Charge Lithium update

Cohiba Minerals Limited, which recently completed the acquisition of the Charge Lithium Pty Ltd, announced the approvals of two additional exploration licence applications by the Department of Mines WA.

E70/4861 Location Map
Image credit: Cohiba Minerals Limited

Cohiba said  the two exploration licences in question are 70/4861 – located 15km south-west of the town of Jerramungup in the great southern land district of WA – and 70/4862, situated 40km north-west of the prolific Greenbushes Lithium Mine owned by Talison Lithium.

“The tenement (70/4861) covers fringe rocks of the Archean Yilgarn craton in close proximity to the Albany – Fraser metamorphic belt which is host to the Galaxy Resources Mt Cattlin spodumene project currently in production,” the Company told the ASX.

“Underlying rocks of (70/4861) are largely granitoid in origin with numerous sub parallel crosscutting mafic dykes and veins. There is some opportunity for the existence of pegmatite intrusions as well given proximity to the cratonic margin.”

In relation to the 70/4862 tenement, the company stated:

“The tenement lies just east of the Darling Scarp which is the fault bounded edge of the Archean Craton in the southwest of WA,” reads Cohiba’s statement.

Basement rocks are metamorphosed granites with a series of north – south trending subparallel pegmatite dykes that have intruded through the granites identified in the government 1:250,000 mapping over the area.”

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